Glenn Ardi

Founder & CEO

Luna Cahya


Kevin Septiawan

Community Manager

Anggi Prayogi

Lead Video Editor

Thalia Wijaya

YouTube Manager

Alfinsa Pratama

Instagram Manager

Olgha Ngantung

TikTok Manager

Baroqah Prasetyo

Crypto Specialist

Izmul Ruli

Stock & Economics

Timothy Stevano

Storyboard Writer

Rama Adira

Storyboard Writer

Moch. Ariya Erlangga

Graphic Designer

Faizin Nur S.

Graphic Designer

We adopt the


Our team comes from different cities in Indonesia.
We have approximately

+1.000.000 audiences

on our social media platforms.







After 2 years of the work-from-anywhere scheme, our team met up together for the first time in Bali.

In YouTube, we reached 500K subscribers---a halfway to Golden Play Button. Meanwhile, our TikTok followers are also hit 200Kin the same month.

On Instagram, our followers are hit 100K. With an increasing audience, we open a Telegram group as well to grow our community.

Our content was chosen as Most Creative Educational Video by Akademi Edukreator, which was initiated by Kok Bisa and supported by Kemendikbud, YouTube Learning, and LIPI.

After 4 months and 33 videos, our YouTube subscribers are hit 100K. We also expanded to TikTok this month.

We expanded to Instagram. Our first educational finance content was released.

Our first educational finance video was released on our YouTube channel.

Ngomu team together moments